All because of a razor-cut-like opening in between a woman's legs...
Nigerian man seemingly tired of masturbating with his crush's photos, took to Facebook to publicly state his wish of 'penetrating' her.

The Facebook user identified himself as James and further disclosed that he is from Anambra State but based in Abuja. James said that he sent a friend request to his crush which is still yet to be accepted after 2 weeks.

He wrote;
Juliet onyinyechi, sorry I av to do dis here, I av sent u a friend request which has been pending for 2 weeks now
I am James from Anambra based in Abuja...sins I got into dis group I cant help but to notice ur beauty and sexiness. ur pics gets me tripping, are u are my kind of woman, tall, slim, pretty and sexy.

I knw u are a big fish and most of dis broke niggers will b running after u via inbox, I am here openly declaring my interest for u....I WANT U, I WANT TO HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WIT U, u may be a runs girl but I dont sef na runs boy
I am tired of masturbating wit ur pics. I want to penetrate inside u and make u cum. I want to squeeze every part of dat sexy body... I want to Bleep u hard.

I will be here waiting for ur reply, or better still accept my friend request and let me make u feel better.

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