TASK 1 BY miss. Ajayi Mercy - 035

       Each of us has talents some of which we do not even know about it. It is sad when a person puts off the development of his talents thinking that other things are more important and even sadden.
       Everyone has a talent and not just one so who is to blame? For the fact that I still haven't revealed them? I can't blame my parents, the system, society, education but I better reveal my talents right now, no matter what my ages is.
       Unveiling the inner talent through development of my talent and creativity in all spheres of life, contributes to the harmonization of personality and improvement of quality of life.
       Putting my own ideas into practice gives immense satisfaction. If I do it all time, my ideas and inspiration will find some material and tangible form.
       In conclusion revealing the inner talents is one of the best ways to raise self-esteem and gain self-confidence.

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