TASK 1 BY Miss. Akingbohungbe Olajumoke - 006

Unveiling the inner talent
  Every individual has this talent, virtue, ability embedded in him or her. They just don't know about it or don't think they want to know. Crazy right? Funny how people tend to see others as superior simply cause these 'others' have certain talents that they showcase to the world. Oblivious to the knowledge that they have innate abilities peculiar to them.
    Having talents inside of you and unveiling them is a different ball game entirely. How then do you reveal these gold mines deposited in 'little' you?
     1. Try out different things.
There's absolutely no harm in trying your hands on different things. How would you know you're good at something if you don't do it consistently? Take the bold leap of faith. You won't die trying. You'll only get your fingers burnt and some lessons from the experience.
   2. Be kind to yourself.
If you know, you know I mean be very very very kind and passionate to yourself. You're not inferior because your siblings are good with their hands. You may be very good with your voice and no one notices cause you keep trying to style that hair like your sister , fix that cabinet like your elder brother does or even make scribbles on a drawing paper like your baby sister. You are You. Be kind to your poor self while you search deeply for that You no one has ever seen.
   3. Take constructive criticisms.
Ever felt you've reached the dead end of your talent hunt? Take a deep breath, drink a glass of water and ask people around you what they think about you. Ask what they've noticed you excel at and what you're not too great at. Check the statistics of people who give same reply and work on yourself in that direction. Mind you, you might want to ask each person exclusively.

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