TASK 1 BY Miss. Annie Godwin - 002

Some are born great, few achieve greatness and to others greatness is betow - this is a rhetorical summary of this Article of how I have come to the knowledge of my inner talent and currently trying to develop them.
    When I was a little girl I wondered why my younger brother could sing more than me even though I was a girl and I could be more vigorous and active in sports than my brother. At secondary school I met people who could assimilate faster than me and those I could assimilate faster than. People of different crafts crowded the school stage during science exhibition shows, showing off their creativity. During this extra curricular activity then,some students stole the show while some was cut half way with stage fright and some others couldn't even speak even though they had put together some craps to create sublime arts.
     Moreover,I think I know better now.Each of these people mentioned above possessed a measure of natural ability or skill called TALENT. Everybody on earth has a purpose. We all have a target to meet,a goal to achieve and heights to attain.That's why just like a craftsman with his tool or tools,we all have our own tool or the tools which is our TALENT. So many people starts to utilize their talent as young as being toddlers,and while some people don't even think they possess any;but that's false.
      Just like the ancient story told by the Christians;of three men given 5 talents and 3 talents and 1 talent respectively. The man with 5 talents and 3 talents made good use of theirs and got more talents,but the man that was given 1 talent hid his and when it was time to give account for their work, he had nothing to account for so he blamed his master for giving him one talent.
     Like I earlier mentioned talent is a tool that spurs you into greatness.For those that make good use of theirs are made specially and see celebrated for their uniqueness, but the common problem amongst us is that most has not discovered our talent is,some have concluded that they don't have.
      In discovering your talent or inner talent or rather unveiling your inner talent, you have to be conscious of two important things; Attention and Passion. These two things in my opinion are key in talent discovery.
Paying attention to yourself and is inevitable,if you must discover your talent.This is the what most parents and guardians do for their kids when they are young. They notice the inert abilities or skills of the children and help to them to harness it at their young age; the reason some children turn out to be genius.Notice the things you like, hate and cherish, note the difference and draw a line in between them and of course the things you cherish are more likely to give you joy and satisfaction when you do them,therefore they are most likely to be your talent.
     In summary;unveiling your inner talent is to look inward to discover what you can do best and which gives you joy and satisfaction.You can do them with less effort or without agonizing stress,follow it that is your inner talent.

¶By : Annie Godwin

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