TASK 1 BY Miss. Ezenwa Tochi - 014

I am a strong believer that everyone has a natural gift or talent. It ranges from our creativity or intellect or social skills to our athletic abilities.
Therefore we must identify what our talents are for it to be unveiled.
Let look at the two(2) key words which are;
*Unveil:* To uncover or to reveal and
*Talent:* An ability or natural capacity or potential of a person.
Therefore, unveiling the inner talent is the act of uncovering or revealing the natural endowment or potential that is inside of us.
*Prayer:* Ask God to reveal His purpose for your life. Being called according to God's purpose enables you to focus on the development of your talent only as it relates to God's will for you.
*Consider your childhood:* Considering what you did a lot as a kid, or what you were known for, can reveal your deepest talents and reveal interest that you can further probe.
*Ask personal questions:* Ask critical questions that initiate thought. Such as; What do I feel must comfortable doing?, What keeps me in the high spirit? & How do I define my comfort zone?.
*Master your talents and abilities:* Answers to personal questions will lead you to identify your abilities and talents. Don't just identify, build a passion and knowledge around your talent and master it to the best of your ability.
*Listen to people:* People often identify our strength even when we don't pay attention. Your friends, close relative, neighbors and colleagues may not be wrong if they have similar opinion about you. Don't ignore them as they may have an avenue for the right thoughts to brew.
*Think about what's natural:* If there's anything that comes natural to you that doesn't seem so natural to others, it's a talent.
*Count your accomplishments:* Think about the challenging times in your life and how you got through it. Time of trial often reveal our hidden skills and abilities.
*Keep a journal:* Stream of conscious writing can be the most effective way to uncover your talents.
*Build Confidence:* You need to be confident in yourself and have a good self-esteem to unlock your potential.
*Have a mentor:* To grow your talents, it is also good to look for someone who is more experienced and ready to guide you. As a proverb says, *"As iron sharpens an iron, so a person sharpens another"*.  A mentor may help you identify some untapped talents and push you to utilizing them.
*Practice:* Even if you are half-good at a skill, hard work outshines ability every time.

Having looked at my points, you will agree with me that; any skill you possess can be turned into a real talent if you take time to develop it and experience all aspects of it. The more you explore a talent, the more you cultivate it.
*Written by* *EZENWA TOCHI (014)*

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