TASK 1 BY Miss. Faith Obioma - 008

What is talent: Talent is the natural ability or skills of someone.
Unveiling the inner talents, their many ways to discover your hidden natural talent. When was the last time you did something and completely lost track of time?. Finding our natural talents can be quite difficult to do like for me it took me quite a long time to find out that I was good at writing fictions.

It was never a skill that I was good at, writing was never a skill that I knew I had, especially since all level receiving High School English thousands of viewers on my contents.

   Finding or discovering what your talent  it can be  extremely  hard to figure  out. Because  of that I sought  out expert  advice  on to how to not only identify  but embrace and hone in your natural  talents. I reached  out to  Dough Wilksja to get more information about hidden  talents,Dough wiksja provided  these 2 key insight to discover  what your natural  talents are.       

  What thrilled  you as a child?  Take two minutes  and recall  your most joyous  memories  from elementary school what made those moments so enjoyable what were the common threads? Were u highly  competitive as a as a year old?you lived for  it.
   you lost track of time : imagine this imagine this is 9 a.m. Saturday morning your time is your own no score games no carpools not TPS record cover sheets. You got the talent  just look inward you and find it  thank you

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