TASK 1 BY Miss. Lawrence Chiamaka Cynthia - 001

 *An article on unveling the   inner talent by LAWRENCE CYNTHIA CHIAMAKA...*

What is Talent?
Talent is a natural aptitude or skiil. It is an ability that someone is born with.. someone can have more than one talent.
Someone who has talent is said to be talented..

 ```**I will take a *Personality test*```
  Personality test are objective way to understanding what makes you tick.once I know which category I fail into.I can start seeing my strength and the weakness more clearly in everyday life..

 ```_*Define my value_```
   This is called value clarification. I ask myself "what values and virtues do I most admire and wish to pratice in my life"

 ```*Define my goals```
    My goal is to identify my strength. so, that I can depoly myself in such a way as to increase my personal strength and energy. one of the best mental techniques that I can use to accomplish this is to see myself as a"Bundle of resources". that can be applied in a variety of direction to achieve a variety of objectives.

 ```*Define my strength```
  Here are the 4 questions that I have to ask myself on a regular basis
1) what do I most enjoy doing
2) How would I describe my ideal job
3) If I could have any job at all anywhere what would I be
4) If I won a hundred thousand naira in a Beauty pagent and I had to pick a job to work at indefinitely what would I choose to do with my strength

 ```*Find clarity```
  I will look at my current abilities and ask myself"where do I want to be in the next three to five years?

 ```*Being a leader```
  Finally in a personal strategic planning the aim is always to achieve leadership.
 What can I do and only me will do that if done will make an extra ordinary difference in my life.
 I remember this I was put on this Earth with a special combination of talents and abilities that makes me different from anyone who has ever lived..

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