TASK 1 BY Miss. Nwaigwe Lucy - 013

      Talent is a potential which enables one to excel in a particular way of life.
       Talent could be internal or external,external talent is the gift one acquires after birth from families,friends,e.t.c.Internal talent is an in-built potiential;it could be said to be INNER TALENT.
     Unveiling your inner talent,everyone has a hidden talent inside of them and it is very disheartening when people try to go after other things they think are more Lucrative.
     I believe i have talent in dancing due to the fact that;Firstly,it is something i find very easy and can do at any given period of time and secondly,people respond good whenever i dance and it is what i find joy when doing.
     To unveil this talent properly so as to touch the world with it,i need to know my strength and weakness.
                         Nwaigwe Lucy.

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