TASK 1 BY Miss. Oknokwo Gloria - 037

   Let's take a look at the definition of talent: Talent is simply a natural  inborn and special ability of a person to do something without being taught.
  Talent and skill is often confused in some terms and vocabulary aspect by a lot of people but skill and talent are totally different..let me break it down a bit, Skill is an expertise which is acquired by a person through learning. Now coming back to the main title 'Unveiling the inner talent' finding ones talent is often a difficult task especially when one is in denial or good in a lot of areas or has different skills. Being in denial of ones talent can lead to stagnation of development and depression. Because our talents are like life forms,they seek expression, wanting to get out into the world and show off.
   How do you unveil your talent in spite of whatever difficulty? There are three insights to follow which has proved effective in 85 percent of people who applied it including me:
  1. Reflecting - This will make you better understand yourself and abilities
2. Take a step backwards   - Finding out what thrilled you as a kid or what you most enjoyed doing,when you were happiest.
3. Experiencing and experimenting - Opening up to new things and aspects and dimensions
     Just like Roy .T. Bennett would say You are unique, You have a talent that makes you outshine your peers...Don't be afraid to unleash your demon. Unveiling of our talent or in Bennets words Unleashing our demons gives us an energy and creativity in all spheres of life, contributes to the harmonization of personality and improvement of quality of life.
       In conclusion,revealing your inner giant is one of the best ways to raise self esteem and gain self confidence no matter where you find yourself.
Thank you.

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