TASK 1 BY Miss. Omale Marvelous - 011


 TALENT: According to the Cambridge English dictionary means (noun),the natural ability to be good at something especially without being taught.

    Talent and creativity works hand in hand because your talent is inside you or a part of you. But, you May not be the only on who possess that particular talent.
     Therefore you are unique with your talent in your own special way.
    Let's take hairdressing for example: Now you are a hair dresser you did not learn how to make or style hair from anywhere nor anyone but,you do it really well and there are thousands if not millions of people who are good at it as well.
    Your TALENT is not ENOUGH if you wish to succeed in it but,CREATIVITY is NEEDED.
    What is CREATIVITY?
 Oxford dictionary defines CREATIVITY as the Use of imagination or original idea.
    Your CREATIVITY, enhances your TALENT thereby making it standout amongst others. It is one thing to UNVEIL your inner TALENT but another thing to make it work and unique.
    In this case of being a hair dresser it's consider as an ARTISTIC TALENT so,the use of imagination is very important not just in this but in other TALENTS as well.
Two TALENTED people are given a pen and paper to make a paper boat.
     MR. A : uses the paper and makes the boat without any detail
     MR. B : makes the boat and uses the pen to draw on some fine shapes on the boat and even shaded some parts on his boat.
The end result is seen and that of MR. B was accepted WHY,they both made a paper boat right? You may Say, what's the difference?
     The difference is that MR. B tapped into his imagination to shad and draw some Fine details on his boat to make it look attractive and unique.
     In order words TALENT without CREATIVITY not advised. Whatever you do always use your imagination there will always be errors but keep trying and stay FOCUS the end shall always justify the means.
NOTE: hard work,focus,patience,honesty,Listening and being humble are very vital to Excelling in both your life and TALENT.

Marvellous Omale,contestant number 011 Miss Enugu.

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