TASK 1 BY Miss. Osuji Princess Chioma - 016

   Talent, they say is a natural ability to do something well. Talent therefore may be linked up with skill. It is a particular ability or type of ability to do something well. Talent rids out one of the embarrassing nativity and installs a good measure of confidence.
   It is talent that makes one Worthy to undertake a task or hold a position of responsibility. Talent sharpens performance and makes one function from the stand point of professionalism. The importance of talent cannot in anyway be over emphasized. We could echo it all day long and the subject would yet remain fresh, appealing and interesting.
   The speech of a talented fellow is seasoned with salt, it is soothing and highly distances. There is an alarming decline in the level of academic diligence, resilience and persistence in the lives of many Nigerian students.
   Who can unveil the inner talent? Everyone, anyone who is willing to pay the price, anyone who is willing to draw up from the well and have a drink. Anyone who can believe in herself and make a difference.
   The educated tends to pursue white collar job when it is not forth coming and the available ones competing. There is no proper orientation and sensitization on the need to acquire a skill or develop an inner talent to be successful. That's why youths are advised to engage in entrepreneurship development.
   Entrepreneurship, therefore involves the possession of business skills in setting up viable business. These skills are different from the skills and abilities acquired to enable a person obtain paid employment or "white collar" jobs as provided by the "bookish" or academic type of education in Nigeria educational system.

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