TASK 1 BY Miss. Regina Judge - 004


Unveiling is officially announcing something such as a plan that was previously a secret.
Unveiling the inner talent is the act of officially revealing a natural attribute a gift or skill that a person has that is hidden inside.
   We all have talents some which we do not even know about, that is why we need to develop our hidden talent by knowing what thrilled us, what we yearn to do, we are born with innate abilities that differentiate us from others. Some people are yet to discover their true strengths and this are the steps needed for you to harness this inner power.
    REFLECTING ON MYSELF: Opening my mind to all paths, because we are likely blind to what some of our talents really are, a good place to start when evaluating my talent is by opening my mind to possibilities.
    OPEN UP TIME FOR NEW THINGS; my life need to have room for discovering my talent by making time for myself and let others help me find my talent.
    BUILD ON MY EXISTING TALENT:       We all already have some basic skill, any skill that i posses can be turned into a real talent, i need to take the time to develop it and really work on experiencing all of the different activities that goes into that talents.
    TRY THINGS YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE TRIED BEFORE: Sometimes i tell myself that i can't do a particular thing, but i may never know what i'm capable of unless i go out of my comfort zone, sometimes i think that i'm not good or smart enough and often see myself as "not that kind of person", however i may never know that am that kind of person until i start becoming that person. I have to give life a chance to surprise me i'm much more incredible and interesting than i give myself credit for. I have to take a risk and try something totally different than anything i've ever tried before.
    TAKE ON CHALLENGES: When you have to struggle, when you're removed from your unusual comfortable environment, is when you learn the most about yourself. If i keep shutting myself off to challenges by just sticking to a quiet life and never leaving the house, or even backing out when times get tough or running from problems, i will deny myself the chance to shine. Let challenges happen, try to tackle my problems get out and live life a bit more so that i will have the chance to conquer challenges that i may encounter..
Thank you
REGINA JUDGE; Contestant No. 004

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