TASK 1 Miss. Onda Cecilia Ayomikun - 024

 Unveiling the inner Talent
    Talent is the natural skills possessed by an individual. Talents are diverse in different individual and remain dormant if not used by the person for further improvement,Ithink I have quite few talents still buried in me .They include by not limited to Acting,Writing and undying spirit.
   Possessing an undying spirit as a talent because I know how many people in the society give up easily after a few years failure, A chance tasks are opportunities at learning for me and failure a chance to get another better result. Not every one see this way,guess I'm blessed!
   I have good communication skills,standing in front of multitude is no big deal for me,I deal with anxiety, Nervousness and stress perfectly well. All thanks to my great speaking skills ,which I use to invigorate ideas and humor into lives.
   My creative sparks allows me to flourish at acting .I have put into action few of these talents; Say writing as evidently in this article you are reading,Acting as a talent I really wish to pursue and I believe it will Bolson.
   All thanks to my father who make me realized that I possess a bunch of amazing talents having them all is not enough .Hence,I won't stop at them being just a seed .I will water them with Hardwork,monitoring, trainings, faith ,practices and consistency. I won't quite!

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