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What Makes Rev. Sis. Mary Judith Nneka Anuforo So Special?

BORN: 26th Feb. 1992
PREFIGURED DEATH: 14th Jan. 2016
DIED: 9th Feb. 2016
PROFESSED: 3rd March 2016
BURIED: 4th March 2016
Rev. Sis. MaryJudith hails from Obodo Amaimo Ikeduru L.G.A of Imo-State Nigeria. She is the last child of her parents, born and brought up in Benin city. Her father died when she was still in secondary school. Her love and passion to preserve her virginity was too great. She was occasionally been visited by the Blessed virgin Mary. And after her death she has appeared to many except her very best relation (Chinemerem).

Rev. Sis. MaryJudith is a Christian by denomination and a core Roman Catholic by faith. She received first Holy Communion in 2006. Everyone who came across her testifies to her spiritual gifts of "FAITH, HEALING AND PRAYERS".
Rev. Sis. MaryJudith attended
" Iguodala Primary school and passed out in 2002. In 2007 she obtained senior school certificate from "St. Maria Goretti girls grammar school".
HER LIKES: Truth and prayers
HER DISLIKES: Lies and deception
HER NOTABLE SAYINGS: (1) Silence is God himself.
   (2) God gave me the gift of Virginity and it is my greatest desire to return it back to him more precious than it was when he gave it to me.
   (3) God can never instruct me to do that which he know I cannot fulfill.
   (4) My mission and duty for you is prayers.
   (5) I see myself everyday eating and dinning with Jesus and Mary.
   (6) If I can put a smile in your face, then I am sure of knowing my dying moment.
   (7) My desire is to see you Chinemerem in Heaven one day.
   (8) please stop. Among others.
As the favorite child of her parents, she frequent home and impressed everyone with her radiant purity, prayer life and unending beautiful smiles. She was naturally Pius, kind and helpful to all. Her beauty was outstanding in humility and structure.
Her thirst for the things of God led her to seek a more perfect life. And in other to serve God more perfectly in other human being's, she join the congregation of HANDMAID OF THE HOLY CHILD JESUS (HHCJ) at the age of 21years. While in the convent, she was an outstanding example of 'smiles and contemplative life/prayer. She worked in Benin, Abuja, and Ogoja in the service of humanity.
Her community and family members are of testimony that Rev. Sis. MaryJudith was very zealous in faith. She had a great believe in words of Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is testify that during her fathers burial, she didn't cry but only said "HE WILL RISE AGAIN". She had special devotion to the Holy Eucharist and to the Blessed virgin Mary (Our Lady gate of heaven).
In 2013, the great Rev. Sis. MaryJudith told her relation her great hope of becoming a " great saint". On 14th January 2016, the Great sister confined in her same relation (Chinemerem) who is very close to her the message of the blessed mother to her during her last appearance to her and revealed that her death is coming soon. She equally instructed Chinemerem of lot of things and confined lots of her revelations, secrets and visitation of the Blessed Mary to her. She is of the opinion that SHE HERSELF WILL WAS APPEAR TO INSTRUCT WHEN EACH OF THE MESSAGE SHOULD BE GIVING OUT. The heroic virtue she exhibited on the morning of her death knowing quite well that life mission is about to end is a food for taught. She pleaded with fellow sisters and mostly Rev. Sis. Faustina her set to take good care of Chinemerem (her relation) for her. She begged her to hand over her pictures, clothes and diary to Chinemerem any day she dies. Rev. Sis. Faustina tried to do that but couldn't because she was still a novice. The congregation made promise to give out those things but didn't fulfill it. IT IS THE DESIRE OF Rev. Sis. MaryJudith THAT THESE THINGS BE PRESERVE TILL SHE BECOMES A GREAT SAINT. She equally made some request and asked that her instructions remain private till her God crowns her.
On February 9th 2016 Rev. Sis. MaryJudith died in an Auto crash (Motor Accident) along Ogoja-Ikot ekpene road with 3 others of her mates. On 4th March the were all buried by 4 catholic bishops.
3years in mind and we await for her beatification and canonization process to begin. We pray that God crowns her and through her prayers that we many receive shocking miracles too from the Jesus and Mary who favoured her from birth. May her legacy be confirm by the Holy church and through its emulation may be too reach heaven.

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