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The aspect where Evelyn remembered the good old times with Roland felt no stalgic. As time goes on, Evelyn began to wished she never married     Frederick he would have been the happiest married woman on earth ,Why did I forget about how Roland made me feel ,we were both so in love, I was so impatient , I moved on too quickly and fell into a wrong marriage “She had thought. Even though a great deal of time had passed , Evelyn and Roland ‘s friendship quickly picked up from where they left it several years ago ,The shared history between them made it feel safe  and easy for them to bond properly again .In few weeks ,Their relationships develop much more quickly. Evelyn s’ marriage was vulnerable, and an old flame comes back in the picture, it’s was easy for Evelyn to see the miss steps in there are view mirror and feel some regret .Her minds would tell her may be this washer second chance at love and happiness and she began to see all sorts of tempting possibilities that she don’t want to Miss. “What a fIask Frederick for divorce? Oh what would happen too your children? “She had thought there’s a certain comfort she felt each time she communicated with Roland, she felt safe and easy, and series of regrets kept playing over and over in the back of her mind and this made her friendship with Roland much more dangerous to her struggling marriage. Rekindling an old flame is much more personal and intimate than a typical affair created with a stranger. As their relationship tends to catch fire more quickly, they began to remember how much they meant to each other. For six months, Roland and Evelyn connected via social media and calls, more than twice Roland had invited her on a date, so they could meet again but Evelyn who was scared of committing adultery had turned him down. “I’m a full house wife, I barely have time for myself, I barely step out” She had told Roland. Then one day, Evelyn went to pick up her children from school and was returning home when this car hit and scratched her car from behind! She got out of the car and all hell was let loose, crowd gathered around already. It was a gentle looking man and he just got down from his car, apologizing to Evelyn, the gentle looking man and Evelyn barely looked at each other’s Face, Evelyn was fuming in anger but when they finally looked at each other closely, they were both surprised. Roland? So you are the one that bashed my car? “Evelyn said smiling faintly “Oh my goodness, Evelyn? I’m glad that our path crossed today, wow you look so beautiful” Roland responded in smiles. That same day, Roland called his mechanic to fix Evelyn’s car, Evelyn told him not to bother, that she would fix the car the next day but Roland insisted “My mechanic would fix your car immediately, please let him do it” and in no time, the mechanic arrived, and Roland instructed him to fix the car. “After you are done fixing the car, please spray it, wash it, filled up the fuel tank” Roland told the mechanic and the young man nodded at intervals and Evelyn smiled, “Roland is still thoughtful and caring as ever” She thought. The mechanic left with the car after he had promised to return soon. When the mechanic drove off in Evelyn’s car, Roland offered to take Evelyn and her children to an eatery nearby, to have lunch while they wait for the Mechanic to return and Evelyn reluctantly agreed because she knew her children will be hungry and needed to eat. At the eatery, Roland bonded with Evelyn’s children instantly and any one close by at the eatery would think he was their Father. After that day, Evelyn’s children won’t stop talking about Uncle Roland and how kind he was and Evelyn was mesmerized. Roland was really nice, Very funny and charming too and after that day their friendship deepens. One Sunday Afternoon, Frederick was with their two children in the sitting room, while Evelyn was in the kitchen preparing lunch, few minutes later, Evelyn was done with cooking and was dishing out the food in portions, and When Frederick entered the kitchen with their children. “Hmm .Lunch smells so good” Frederick said in smiles “Yes, mummy is cooking fried rice and it’s looks exactly like the delicious rice we eat the eatery with mummy’s friend, Uncle Roland” Bryan, Evelyn’s first son said innocently and Evelyn almost had an heart attack but she managed to comport herself “Who is Roland? “Frederick asked in confusion and ever where was silence for a while before Evelyn finally responded “Roland is an old schoolmate, I and the kids ran in to him, the other day at the eatery and he offered to paid for our meal” Frederick’s thought went wild, He was a chronic cheat and knows how everything goes but he acted cool, He walked out of the kitchen without saying a word. From that day, Frederick began to suspect his wife but there’s nothing he could do because….. Because he had no proof. One day Evelyn had to go on a trip to her home town Benin City, her younger brother who resided in the United States, sent a huge amount of money for her to acquire some plots of land on his behalf at their home town. Co-incidentally Evelyn met Roland at the local airport and they traveled together. Roland was such a great company; Evelyn enjoyed the flight all through with his endless jokes and funny faces. They arrived Benin; Roland lodged in the hotel provided by the company that invited him over as he came to attend a seminar while Evelyn went to her parent’s house. Roland was the president of a multi million enterprise. The next day, Roland called Evelyn and invited her over for dinner. At first, Evelyn rejected the invitation but Roland insisted and finally Evelyn reluctantly agreed. When she came that evening, they ate, laughed, cracked jokes and even talked about their past and when Evelyn was about to leave, Roland entered” Evelyn, please don’t go, I have something I want to discuss with you”
To Be Continued

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