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Story Title "OLD FLAME" -- Episode 1

Evelyn dropped her husband’s phone on the reading table and burst into tears. “He will never change, Frederick can never be faithful in this marriage” She thought still in tears. Her Husband Frederick just got back home from work a while ago and he went into the bathroom to freshen up. Evelyn had looked through her husband’s phone and was disappointed with what she had seen, is it the nude pictures of different women or Frederick’s conversation with other girls on his WhatsApp messenger? What she saw in her husband’s Facebook messenger almost killed her, Frederick chats dirty with random ladies. Frederick and Evelyn had been married for Eight years and at the beginning, they seemed to be in love with each other. When they were dating, Frederick appeared perfect but after their 2nd wedding Anniversary, Evelyn had found out a lot about him, he was a pathologic liar and a chronic womanizer, He never really showed this side of him when they were dating. All Evelyn ever wanted was for her husband Frederick to be faithful and truthful to her. She kept herself attractive and in shape for her husband But it looked like Frederick would never change and Evelyn felt neglected, unloved and unwanted. “If Frederick really loves me, he won’t find it difficult to stick with me “She had thought she was completely exhausted in dealing with her husband’s in fidelity. Many times Evelyn had felt like putting an end to her marriage with Frederick but she couldn’t bring herself to leave everything behind.  The only reason she was holding up was her children. Evelyn had caught Frederick cheating on her on so many occasions, and he would beg profusely for her Forgiveness and he would promise to change but he never did. Instead He began to cheat discreetly, He would delete his call logs, put his phone on flight mode the moment he returns from work, he would put difficult passwords on his phone but Evelyn always had a way to access his phone despite the difficult passwords. Evelyn knew Frederick so well and all the important dates in his life and that’s why she could still gain access to his phone. Evelyn who was exhausted with the whole situation decided to overlook her husband’s escapades and continue being a virtuous wife but whenever she thought of the possibility of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases, Fear would grip her. “When will Fred change and stop chasing after everything on skirt?, If ear for my life, I don’t want to be infected with STDs or even worst HIV” She thought but she became at ease One-day, when she found condoms and hotel receipts in her husband trouser’s pockets and as usual his clothes reel of female perfume, She was bitter but at the same time she felt a tease. “At least he uses condom” she had thought Frederick was a cheat but heal ways acted sweet around Evelyn. “You will always have a special place in my life, I love you so much” Frederick always told her. Evelyn never believed him and Evelyn had lost all respect for him and most times whenever he would profess his undying love for her, Evelyn would uttered in anger” Keep deceiving yourself,  shameless man” Frederick was unaware that his wife was still gaining access to his phone. One-day, Evelyn got reconnected with her ex – boyfriend, Roland through Facebook. Roland had sent a friend request to Evelyn and she accepted and from that day they chatted casually. Roland had once been the love of her young life, her first love and them and she thought she would spend eternity with, but life got in the way, they both made some missteps, and they chalked it up to being young and foolish. And Evelyn ended up with Frederick instead. A lot had changed for Evelyn since that time so long ago; she had changed. She was now married with two children, Evelyn and her family lived in Abuja all these years, in fact she had her two children in Abuja, She had done what most good mothers did—put  the needs of their children first and moved through her days running between house chores, the kid’s functions, and taking care of the household. In the midst of that busy-ness and Her husband’s philandering lifestyle, there simply wasn’t time to connect in any meaningful way with her husband as their Marriage has grown so cold and they had grown apart. Evelyn was left facing the emptiness and disconnection in her marriage, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to ignore. Severally, She had tried to convince herself that this was just how marriage was “Men are polygamous in nature, as long as her expects me and fulfill his responsibility, he work hard to take care of our family, I should be grateful for that” She had told herself but the truth remains that Frederick was not loyal, he was not honest and he was not a decent man. And any man who is not faithful is not stable. Sexually Evelyn was starved, as she and her husband, made love once in a while because Frederick got all the sex he want from his numerous side chicks.. While Evelyn was craving a deeper connection, she was simultaneously trying to convince herself that she shouldn’t want or need anything more than what she had. But she felt numb, empty and alone. Her marriage was vulnerable. She was also vulnerable. Then Enter ex-boyfriend, Roland, from nearly a decade ago. He had also gotten married and had children, but he was divorced since two years ago. Roland had been single for two years now. The only thing that was working in his life was his business and he had built a very successful business for himself; Evelyn had loved Roland many years ago before life separated them but she always wished him well and he always had a special place in her heart. At first, Roland and Evelyn’s messaging conversations were harmless, the two of them catching upon all that had changed in their lives over the years. It only took a few weeks for the conversation to move to phone calls and the conversation become a bit more flirtatious. Evelyn began confiding in Roland, She began sharing how she felt about her marriage, and Roland opened up to her as well and shared how he thought about her often over the years. She felt seen and heard for the first time In years. And now, even though it was only a conversation via Facebook messenger and phone calls, Evelyn Finally had something to look forward to when she a woke each day. Evelyn doesn’t know that engaging with an OLD*FLAME was dangerous. *She never knew she was playing with fire. But she couldn’t turn away from the heat it provided. Social media makes connecting with Roland easy; many times, they’re only a shared connection and a click away. And the allure of an old flame to a woman feeling disconnected in her marriage can be particularly dangerous.

To Be Continued

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